Raspberry Pi Ultimate Starter Kit + Accessories

The starter kit I received was packaged in a very nondescript white cardboard box.  The single label holding it closed was printed in plain black letters with “Raspberry PI Starter Kit” and the UPC code 799475061899.  Slicing the label and opening the lid reveals a box stuffed with lots of goodies.

The Pi model B is fully capable of running a variety of linux distributions.  You can choose from a variety of options available.  Most of the recommended starter version include X-window type desktop window manager.  Its impressive that the Pi can run these pretty well and provide a graphical style interface that will be intuitive and familiar to most users.

Raspberry Pi Ultimate Starter Kit:

UPC 799475061899 product image 7 | Raspberry Pi Ultimate Starter Kit -- Includes Raspberry Pi Board + 11 Essential Accessories | upcindex.com


  • Raspberry Pi – Model B


  1. Two piece enclosure case (clear)
  2. 4GB Micro SD Card
  3. USB Power Supply
  4. Micro USB Cable
  5. HDMI Cable
  6. Wireless WiFi adapter
  7. Breadboard
  8. Jumper wires (various lengths)
  9. USB to TTL Serial Cable
  10. GPIO Ribbon Cable
  11. GPIO Breakout Board

The model B is no longer available, but the B+ version of this kit can be found here:

Raspberry Pi Model B+ Ultimate Starter Kit


After using the Raspberry Pi B for about a month I am still thinking up ways to use it.  My intentions are to focus more on automation and server type applications that do not require the use of an GUI and windows manager.  These distributions tend to be very “heavy” for the Pi and result in sluggish performance.  Automation and headless server tasks that can run with compact distributions like Archlinux seem much more appropriate for this platform.

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