Installing git on Arch Linux on Raspberry Pi

Earlier I wrote and article about creating a private repository with BitBucket.  For those of you developing in the public domain this video from Mike Levin provides a great tutorial on installing git on a Raspberry Pi running ArchLinux, the same distro as the PiNet project.

As an additional bonus you’ll get installing vim as well, which is of course something you should absolutely do.

Installing git on Arch Linux


That’s it your ready to rock as far as installing git goes.  As for configuring and connecting to your GitHub account there are few more steps.


Create an account at GitHub (remember GitHub offers free public repositories.  For a private repository, you might check out the setting up BitBucket article instead.


Create a new repository in GitHub.


Configure the git application to connect to the repository.  This step also generates the first file to be committed, a sample README file which is common practice to provide the git web interface with some information about your project.

Notice the fifth line.  This is where the magic happens.  You’ll need to replace “your_username” with you guessed it your GitHub username.  The “project_name” also needs to match the repository name you created in Step 3.


That’s all you need to get started using git on the Raspberry Pi running Arch Linux.



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