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reCAPTCHAIs it possible to integrate a CAPTCHA mechanism with a Google form?  Well more specifically the goal is to ensure the applicant is human rather than some automated spam bot.  So what options are available?

Custom Code

Using a combination of form validation and a random number generator this client side approach is not foolproof but provides some measure of protection.  Here’s an example:

How to Create a CAPTCHA-enabled Custom Google Drive Form

If you venture over to freshtechtips to check that article out you’ll realize that solution involves quite a bit of code to embed in your webpage.  Something not everyone would be comfortable with and creates potential maintenance issues.

Clever Form Design

A much simpler way to achieve a basic level of protection is to use capabilities built into Google forms themselves.  Unfortunately there is no direct way to enable captcha on a Google form.  Seems silly considering that Google owns and runs the reCAPTCHA service.

By using the branch logic built into Google forms you can create your own filter to catch would be bots from successfully completing your public form and creating false registrations.

Simply create the challenge question as the first question in the form, something like this:Challenge Question

Be sure to select check boxes “Go to page based on answer” and “Required question”.  Then choose the next page logic to only allow progress upon successfully answering the challenge question.

The challenge question can be made more or less difficult or even more than one level deep.

WordPress Plugin

In some cases you may wish to link your form with a WordPress site.  For this case a very straight forward and robust solution exists.

Using the Google Forms plugin can make integrating a form right into your website a breeze.  The plugin allows embedding any number of forms with simple short codes and provides just about any configuration option you might think to need.

Google Forms provides easy methods for tweaking styling, email options and of course, a built in captcha function.

Google Forms Options1
Some Google Forms options


With this approach you can have a styled and protected Google Form on your site in a matter of minutes.

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